Replacing A Roof Deck In Lubbock Tx

Replacing roof decks in West Texas is something that happens quite often.  Roofing companies like those on the Texas Roofer’s Directory, in Lubbock especially, have to be ready to repair the deck along with the shingles if that is a necessary.  But for the customer, there might be some questions we want answered before we begin.

How do you know if you need to replace the deck of your roof? More importantly, how do you know if you really need to replace the deck of your roof, or is your contractor just trying to get a bunch more money out of you?

Both are great questions and you might be surprised to know that it is really easy to notice the wear or age of a deck.  No, we aren’t talking about a deck in your back yard, we are talking about the wooden support surface where your singles attach to your house.  The surface is often made of plywood these days, but in years past, the roof was actually layered with wooden slats that either fit together in a tongue-in-groove fashion, or they were simply butted against each other.

As you might already know, the deck of the roof is important and it is more important than some might realize.  Not only does the decking support the shingles that are above it, but it also supplies another layer of protection from weather.  It is the first real line of defense from invaders (the creepy-crawly kind as well as the winged kind).  Additionally, it can be the final line of defense against the heat of the summer and the cool of the winter.

That being said, the two most serious indicators of the need for a roofing company to install or at least fix your decking are holes in the decking, or noticeable heat loss during winter.

Holes? Yes, holes.

When a deck is neglected, it will sometimes form holes or soft parts in the wood.  This is due to the fact that the wood is an organic, and therefore biodegradable substance.  The process is simple.  If the deck is exposed to sunlight or fluctuations in moisture, or temperature, the deck will develop spots that begin to erode.  Over time, these spots can simply fall apart.  A stiff wind, serious rain, or even the occasional insurance adjuster can find these soft spots in the deck and make it easy to know that a roofing company is needed to replace the decking itself.  Simply stated, if there is a problem with one part, there is likely a problem with much more of the roof.

The less obvious problem is noticed when the space between the boards that make up the roof deck begin to widen.  Why do they widen?

Remember when we talked about the two kinds of roofs? We said that the roof deck that was popular in the first half of the twentieth century was made of a series of boards laid horizontally across the rafters to ensure that a continuous surface was present for shingles.  The problem exists in the deformation of these boards over time.  The wood is like any other, in that it expands and contracts over time due to weather fluctuation, but when the passage of fifty or more years is considered, each board needs only to contract a fraction of an inch to ensure a serious lack of protection for the home owner.  Not only does the space between boards result in less integrity for the shingles attached, it also allows a great deal more heat to be transferred from the attic to the exterior environment or vise versa.

If on a cold winter day you go outside and notice that your roof has thawed far more quickly than you neighbor’s or you see a pattern immerging on the shaded side of the roof, you will be able to see that the heat from the attic is escaping into the atmosphere.  This is bad.  You don’t want heat getting out in the winter, and you don’t want heat coming in throughout the summer.

These conditions make it easy to notice that a roofing company can be utilized to replace your deck along with your shingles.  Roofing companies of all sizes will have the expertise to be able to replace your deck.  Also, they are able to give you better prices when you include the new set of shingles along with the deck.

As for the question about whether or not your roofing contractor is yanking your chain, my only suggestion is to make sure that you find a company with a good reputation, so that you will be able to trust that you have found the best contractor for roofing Lubbock Tx has to offer.

A Guide To Carpet Cleaning In Lubbock

It’s important to know a lot about a lot of different things, and with our current access to information accomplishing that task of gaining knowledge is rather easy. That is why I have assembled this guide to an often overlooked service, carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is often only thought of when disasters happen, but we’ll talk about why carpet cleaning should actually be a semi-regular occurrence for your home or business. We’ll also discuss the techniques of carpet cleaning and how to find a quality carpet cleaning service.

Why should you have your carpet serviced one to two times a year?

Many times regular vacuums are unable to get particulate materials that have gotten stuck in your carpet. The solution is for professional cleaners to come in and help. This ensures several things:

  • The life of your carpet will be prolonged—When you get you carpet cleaned, you are removing materials that lead to the deterioration of carpet fibers over a prolonged time period.
  • Maintains the warranty of your carpet—Many carpet manufacturers will only honor the warranty of you carpets if you have taken the steps they consider to be necessary in properly maintaining a carpet.
  • Better indoor air quality—Carpets are effective at trapping airborne pollutants that when released through disturbance (i.e. walking) can cause respiratory issues.
  • Prevents build-up of allergens—Along with respiratory issues, the build-up of things like dead skin cells and pet dander, as well as pollen tracked in from outside, can irritate allergies.
  • Regular maintenance is easier and more effective—When the hard to get stuff is out of your carpet, it takes less time and effort to quickly run a vacuum over it and get all the loose material.
  • The value of your home or business is kept up—Each feature of your home or business can affect its property value. Carpets are such a noticeable part of a property that they can significantly bring down or raise the property’s value based on their appearance and present quality.
  • Provides a clean space that helps in reducing stress—Whether this is a carpet in your home or in your business, there is something about being in a clean environment that facilitates relaxation and calmness. When stress is reduced, it is easier for you to recuperate or stay focused and productive.

What techniques do the professionals use?

Carpet Cleaning 1

The most widely used form of cleaning employed by professionals is hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is a process in which a machine is used to spray hot water on the carpet, sometimes along with other chemicals, while simultaneously vacuuming up the hot water and any soiling now dislodged from the carpet. This method is sometimes confused with steam cleaning, which instead of using hot water uses only steam. Steam cleaning, however, is not actually safe for carpets according to most carpet manufacturers.

There is also a technique called dry-cleaning that is becoming more popular. Dry-cleaning uses machines that are low-moisture producing, this way carpets dry a lot faster after being cleaned, therefore attracting less dirt in the drying process. To accomplish the same results as hot water extraction, dry-cleaning requires that a chemical compound be placed on the carpet beforehand. This compound breaks down the pollutants, detaching them from the carpet fibers, making them ready to be removed.

Hot water extraction and dry-cleaning are both great methods for cleaning carpets, with advantages and disadvantages. For example, dry-cleaning puts a little less stress on carpets than hot water extraction, but hot water extraction is slightly more affordable.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning service.

My method for choosing the best carpet cleaner started with an online search. Because I live in Lubbock, TX, I searched for carpet cleaning Lubbock, which brought up quite a few choices.

I decided to stick with companies on the first page, and I went through each website looking for a few important things.

Any company worth hiring had to have an IICRC, which is a special certification given to vetted cleaning businesses. I then looked at how long each company had been around and whether they had testimonies from recent customers. Then I looked at their guarantee and whether they offered free inspections. In my mind, a business that can’t offer a guarantee and a free inspection is a business that doesn’t believe in their abilities, so why should I. It was pretty easy after all that to decide who I would go with for my carpet cleaning needs. If you are still unsure, you can always call and ask what type of technique they use, this way you can use a company that uses the methods you prefer.

Now that you have this new knowledge, if you have never thought about getting your carpet cleaned, it’s probably time to look into it. You’ll save yourself the hassle of possible health concerns, lost time and effort, and money.